*We do not rebook clients who have not shown for their appointments and who did not call to cancel.  We require that our clients be considerate of our time and the time of our other clients who may have wanted that time and would have actually shown.  If a cancellation is necessary, please provide us at least 24 hours notice. Lateness that exceeds more than 15 minutes will result in a forfeited appointment.

*We are child friendly within reason.  Children are welcome to receive haircuts. We do not find it necessary to have a full-time receptionist, but when have extra help, those individuals are not babysitters.  Children who are disruptive and destructive are not welcomed back. Please do not bring children under the age off 11 years old with the expectation that they will be in charge of younger children. Effective as of 2019, we will only be providing and accepting haircuts for children and teenagers if at least one parent or guardian is a current client. Due to the demand, we have to make our adult clients our priority.

*If you have a question about the type of appointment you wish to book, please call or e-mail us first instead of booking something online with too much or too little time.

*We are not a walk-in salon.  We do not “squeeze” people in because that has the potential to compromise the service of someone who took the time to appropriately schedule.  We book appointments with our best estimation of the time it will take to provide the best quality.

*We require that those who wish to be on our cancellation list have an actual appointment booked within our soonest availability.  If an earlier appointment is desired, our cancellation list clients will be contacted in order of which they are listed to see if their appointments can be moved if something opens up.

*If you need an adjustment to a color or cut performed by us, please contact us within 3 days. Requests past this time period may not be complimentary.

*If a stylist here feels the need to refuse future appointments, the other stylists will not add you to their clientele.