We are not accepting new clients

If you are a client who would otherwise be new to us, we appreciate your interest and can put you on a waitlist for the future. If you are interested in this list, please e-mail us to help us properly document and manage.

Erica and I are maintaining over 1,000 clients each. Despite trying to communicate our current status since May through this website, Yelp, Facebook and Instagram, we are still be flooded with calls, e-mails and online requests. We can not keep up while staying in communication with our current clients. I apologize if you left us a message and it wasn’t returned or if you sent us an online request and it was denied, but we have in no way hidden that we have all we can manage at this time. This is not a marketing ploy, please do not treat it as such.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter and we wish you the best in finding a stylist who suits your needs. -Su-Shan

By starshinephilly

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