Welcome to Starshine Salon! I am the owner and a stylist at Starshine Salon.  I have been a make-up artist for 22 years and a cosmetologist for 19.  I have previously managed my own salons, first in Boyertown, PA  then later in Beverly Hills, CA, and am happy to be back in PA.  I look forward to sharing my experience, enthusiasm and creativity with you.  Hope to see you soon!

Thank you & Blissful wishes,

Su-Shan Lai

P.S. I never abbreviate my name to Su and would appreciate if no one else would either.  I go by Su-Shan, Shan or Slai(pronounced Sly- first initial and last name smooshed together 😉
Su-Shan’s Instagram is siren_stylist-slai


(Photo credit Kristen Kidd Photography)