Fall Changes

Hello Darlings! I am writing to communicate that I need and am taking a break from accepting new clients.  I am so incredibly thankful to serve over 1,000 of you in the Philadelphia area and beyond and that much of that growth is built upon your generous referrals.  Even with booking ahead and working 6 days a week, I am struggling to get those who prefer a 4-5 week cycle in for their appointments and I can not extend my schedule further and feel as though I have a healthy work/life balance. I will be reviewing my following quarterly to see if I can schedule those new and interested, but the next review will be in the New Year.

We are super excited that Lauren has joined us after moving to the Philadelphia area from New England this summer and is happily accepting new clients to create a life for herself here.  Lauren, being the newest to our team, has the soonest availability. Erica has as many clients as me, works as many days, and can book as quickly. The difference is she’s 10 years younger than me and has years to go before she needs a break 😉  Both of these women are extremely talented and look forward to serving your styling needs.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. Those who know me, know my worry that this could come across as snobbery and exclusivity, but very simply I am a person capable of having enough, I do not want my quality to suffer in feeling overextended, and do not want to take when others need to grow. ~Su-Shan

By starshinephilly