This page by no means fully encompasses all the people and resources for which I am grateful, but these are some of the individuals who have been the most supportive in the creation Starshine Salon.  Mostly it is an attempt to share with you the talented individuals who have shared and inspired me with their awesome abilities. 


J.D. Korejko:  Illustrator/ Graphic Designer (creator of the Starshine Salon logo),,

Becky Soll: Graphic & Webdesigner (website go-to person & Starshine model),

Andrew Huth: Photojournalist,

Maria Viola-Kuttruff: Interior designer,

Angela Washko: Too many mediums to list,

Michael Batchelor: Again, too many mediums,

Karen Onorato & Mario Zucca: Illustrator, ,

Shane Dewalt & John M. White: Storytellers for hire,

Saara McCullough & Ashley Kendrick: Bakery Broads,!/pages/Anarcake/283875561732063?fref=ts


Heseung Kim: President/CEO,

Jason Stigora: President & Senior Communications Strategist,

Service Providers

Abby Kesilman-Fenzil: Freelance IT Support/ Thirty One Consultant,

Andrew Tague: Massage Therapist,

Though I am grateful for each person that I meet, I additionally owe special thanks to the family, friends & clients who have stuck with me through my job adventures and have provided me with the extra support to create Starshine Salon: Mom, Mishy & Harry, Tim & Steph, Matt, Kay & Jeffrey, Loretta, Carrie, Nicole, Jess & Pete, Carolyn, Megan, & Robin.