Cuts for Causes

At Starshine Salon we believe that good needs to be actuated to maintain its fluidity.  It is our goal to have a Cut-A-Thon at least quarterly.   The rest of the time we offer specials for those who work with non-profits and let you use your non-profit donation receipts as coupons(see the Specials page for more details).  If you are unemployed and having difficulty finding work, Su-Shan will provide you with a complimentary haircut & style to help you put your best foot(hair) forward for interviews. 

If you’ve been to the Specials page this special applies to donations you make:  If you bring in a donation receipt for any non-profit or verification of volunteer hours contributed to within the month of your service, you may use it as a coupon.  Donations between $10-$50 dollars or up to 10 volunteer hours qualify as a $10 coupon off the service total.  Donations of $50 or more or more than 10 volunteer hours qualify as $20 coupon off the service total.